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How much it costs for small/medium/large power washing jobs & cost per square metre.
Safe for kids.
Safe for dogs.
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Safe for wildlife and the plants that grow in your garden.

Green Clean Exterior Cleaning is thrilled to present our Power Washing services, specially formulated to address and eliminate the toughest of stains, including severe dirt, oil, and algae accumulation. Unlike traditional pressure washing, our power washing technique incorporates hot water to boost cleaning efficiency, making it exceptionally effective against stubborn stains. Our commitment to eco-friendliness ensures that every clean is not only thorough but also respects the environment, safeguarding your family, pets, and the local ecosystem. Below we detail how much it costs for a range of power washing tasks, alongside an explanation of the variables that might affect the final cost.

How Much Does It Cost For Power Washing?
Eco-friendly Power Washing Pricing Guide:

Estimated Power Washing Rates with Eco-Conscious Pre and Post-Clean Care:

Kindly be aware: A base fee of £60 is applicable for all power washing tasks. The provided rates are estimative and may vary depending on the unique conditions and demands of each property.

Attention: Our power washing offerings encompass the utilization of advanced power washing technology, coupled with vegan-friendly, natural cleaning agents, and plant-derived detergents and sealants. This approach guarantees a flawless outcome that is both efficient and aligned with environmental stewardship.

Power Washing Driveways: From £3.00 per Square Metre
– Small driveways (up to 20 square meters): £60 – £100
– Medium driveways (21 to 50 square meters): £60 – £250
– Large driveways (over 50 square meters): £250 – £500+

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Power Washing Patios: From £3.00 per Square Metre
– Small patios (up to 15 square meters): £60 – £100
– Medium patios (16 to 40 square meters): £60 – £200
– Large patios (over 40 square meters): £200 – £400+

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Power Washing Decking: From £3.00 per Square Metre
– Small decks (up to 15 square meters): £60- £100
– Medium decks (up to 30 square meters): £60 – £150
– Large decks (over 30 square meters): £90 – £200+

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Power Washing Walls : From £3.00 per Square Metre
– Small walls (up to 50 square meters): £60 – £250
– Medium walls (51 to 100 square meters): £150 – £500
– Large walls (over 100 square meters): £300 – £750+

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Variables Influencing How Much Power Washing Costs:

Surface Material: The material of the surface being cleaned (concrete, wood, brick, etc.) can necessitate different cleaning techniques or products, affecting the price.

Surface Condition: More intensive labor may be required for surfaces with deep-set stains, oil, or algae, potentially raising the cost.

Area Size: The larger the area, the more time, labor, and materials are needed, which can increase the overall price.

Accessibility: Areas that are hard to reach may require special equipment or additional time to clean, which could elevate the cost.

Additional Services: Opting for post-cleaning treatments or protective coatings (like tung oil for wood surfaces) incurs extra charges.

Service Location: While we primarily serve Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch, locations on the periphery of these areas might attract additional travel expenses.

Why Opt for Green Clean Exterior Cleaning’s Power Washing?

Our Power Washing service is meticulously designed to tackle and eliminate even the most stubborn outdoor stains, revitalizing your property’s appearance while ensuring protection against potential damage. Our eco-friendly approach guarantees a deep clean that’s effective and safe for the environment.

Eager for a Makeover?

Should your outdoor areas require a comprehensive clean, Green Clean Exterior Cleaning stands ready to assist. Our skilled team is prepared to address any power washing need, rejuvenating the beauty and integrity of your property. Reach out today for a complimentary, obligation-free quote tailored to your specific requirements. Allow us to help you refresh your property with our professional, environmentally conscious power washing services.

Get in touch with Green Clean Exterior Cleaning today and embark on the journey to a cleaner, more sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

Why Choose Us?

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We only use natural cleaning products and plant-based detergents that are vegan friendly and safe for all.

Expertise & Experience

Our team is highly skilled in a variety of cleaning techniques, including pressure washing, soft washing, and steam cleaning.

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We offer friendly advice & free, no-obligation quotations, allowing you to understand the value we provide without any upfront commitment.

Local Service Area

Proudly serving Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch, we're dedicated to enhancing our local community one exterior clean at a time.

Our Commitment to Safety

Your safety and the protection of the environment are our top priorities. By choosing Green Clean Power Washing, you’re opting for a service that guarantees not only a sparkling clean exterior but also peace of mind knowing that everything we use is wildlife safe, child safe, pet safe, and safe for everything that grows in your garden.

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